A Seal Monitors its Own Wear

A Seal Monitors its Own Wear

Rubber seals consist of elastomer composites that cannot process signals in their pure form. In many cases, however, signal processing would definitely be advantageous, since seals are often installed at crucial key positions in machines and or parts.

For this purpose, the use of electrically conductive fillers in the sealing material is suitable. With such a relatively simple solution, operating costs can be lowered: It becomes possible to use intelligent seals throughout their lifespan as they are not substituted too early and the end user avoids expenses of leakage damage that can occur when a seal is replaced too late.

Monitoring the damage development of static sealing elements can be achieved by using combined DMA-DEA measurements. The NETZSCH GABO DMA EPLEXOR® can be equipped with a dielectric analyzer for simultaneous dynamic mechanical and dielectric analysis. In this combination, the instrument is called DIPLEXOR®.

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Sahbi Aloui

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