ACCM-11: NETZSCH supports conference in Cairns

ACCM-11: NETZSCH supports conference in Cairns

The 11th Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials ACCM-11, with 550 delegates took place at the Convention Center in Cairns, Australia.

NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing supports young scientists

NETZSCH was on-site to support young scientists which contribute with more than 400 presentations to the sustainable economic viability of composites. Additional talks by senior scientists accompanied by keynote lectures have completed the three-day program. The organising committee has been staffed by professors from high-ranking universities:

  • Prof. Hao Wang, University of Southern Queensland
  • Prof. Peter Schubel, University of Southern Queensland
  • Prof. Lin Ye, University of Sydney
  • Prof. Xungai Wang, Deakin University
  • Prof. Alan KT Lau, Swinburne
Prof. Peter Schubel, University of Southern Queensland
Prof. Peter Schubel, Director Centre for Future Materials, University of Southern Queensland (right).


Delegates from all over the world

The majority of the delegates at the 11th Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials were from China (250+), followed by Australia (100+), South Korea (50+), and Japan (40+). The rest of the major attendance was from the USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, and India. 34 nationalities were present in the conference.


Process Control in Composite Manufacturing is one of the key-topics

Decreasing costs, increasing throughput and quality: Not only during the sessions, also in the face to face talk with the attendees and the visitors at our booth, process control and real-time analytics in composite manufacturing is one of the topics that attracts both scientists and visitors from industry. NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing was presenting it’s newest development to take process control to another level: the unique coated dielectric sensor that goes beyond the limits of what has been possible so far. Get in touch with the new package Process Automation for Composites: NETZSCH Process Analytics and get your process to the best!


Alexander Chaloupka studied physics at the University of Augsburg and was, as a student, working at the Application Center for Material and Environmental research (AMU). In 2013 he joined the branch Functional Lightweight Design of the Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology ICT (now Fraunhofer IGCV) where he was responsible for thermophysical and chemical analysis and rheology. In 2016 he got contracted by NETZSCH Analyzing&Testing as a R&D project engineer to push the application of material characterization during manufacturing for process control. In 2018, after developing a worldwide unique dielectric sensor concept with the team at NETZSCH Analyzing&Testing, Alexander Chaloupka became the Manager of the Business Field ‘Process Analytics‘. Process Analytics is NETZSCH‘s contribution to an intelligent and dynamic sensor based production of the future.

Alexander has more than 6 years of experience in various production processes of polymer materials and polymer-based composites. He is a specialist in characterization and kinetic modeling. With the Process Analytics business field, he has focused on real-time sensor technology and model-based algorithms for intelligent, automated and robust production to create – together with his team – solutions of tomorrow.

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