Kühlgeräte: Qualitätskontrolle des Wärmedurchgangskoeffizienten

Glastüren an Kühlgeräten sind in großem Umfang bei Kühltheken in Supermärkten im Einsatz. Dadurch wird der Energieverbrauch reduziert und die Qualität der Lebensmittel verbessert. Meist wird Einfachglas verwendet; selten Mehrscheiben-Isolierglas. Die BSH Hausgeräte GmbH hat auch Vakuumisolierglas in der Erprobung. Damit eine gleichbleibende Qualität garantiert werden kann, setzt die BSH-Hausgeräte GmbH zur Qualitätskontrolle des Wärmedurchgangskoeffizienten auf das mobile Ug-Wert-Messgerät “Uglass” von NETZSCH.

Improve Sintering of Ceramics with NETZSCH

In this Video our Business Field Manager Alexander Frenzl talked about the “Digital Transformation” in the ceramics industry with Susan Sutton from BNP Media for Ceramic Industry Magazine!
We created a very valuable tool for all process engineers throughout the world of technical ceramics manufacturing.

Creating Customer Value: An Often-Forgotten Part of Digitization.

When managers of companies today talk about “digitization”, “industry 4.0” or “digital transformation”, they often limit themselves to what is so important for many companies: increasing their own efficiency – increasing their own productivity – optimizing profits by reducing costs. In short, in most cases, it is a matter of optimizing your own internal processes with the help of digital tools.

Of course: Optimized processes are the guarantee for the effective survival of a company – but isn’t there a more important factor for success than your own process reliability? Is the internal optimization of a company not a matter of course anyway? Are companies that do NOT take care of their processes still able to survive today?
I think it must be a matter of course for our customers that WE as a company have done our homework. Doesn’t the innovation focus of a modern company has to lie in this question already?

“What added value can I offer my customers from digitization?”

Absolute thermal conductivity measurement: Simpler than ever

For the absolute measurement of thermal conductivity on low-conductive materials the so called “GUARDED HOT PLATE-Method” (GHP) is used. The method is based on a steady-state heat-flow maintained through a material.
Even if those instruments are very complex, NETZSCH found a way to provide the simplest way of absolute thermal conductivity measurements to the industry. The newest SMART MODE Software for GHP’s is a milestone for simplicity to this method.