TGA-FT-IR – Your Solution to Identify a Polymer Blend and its Composition

Polymer blends offer significant advantages during their service life. However, they make recycling at the end of life difficult. One of the most fundamental problems is the identification of the material as a blend as well as its composition to ensure it is sorted properly and can be reused if possible. Read how to TGA and FT-IR help with the identification and join our webinar series on TG-FT-IR!

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The Perfect Duo For Your Advanced Research and Quality Control


Thermal Analysis provides powerful analytical methods for research, development and quality control of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients and formulations. Rheology perfectly complements the analytical equipment of your laboratory. Read more on the wide range of applications of DSC and Kinexus!

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Wegweisende Prüfungen an modifizierten Bindemitteln und Standard-Bitumen mit den Kinexus DSR Rheometern von NETZSCH

NETZSCH Kinexus Asphalt Bitumen

Gemeinsam mit unserem Kooperationspartner Infratest bieten wir Ihnen ein komplettes Portfolio an Lösungen für die Asphalt- und Bitumenprüfung. Alle NETZSCH DSR-Rheometer erfüllen die Anforderungen der aktuellen FGSV-Arbeitsanleitungen und unterstützen viele Normen und Standards in der Industrie. Erfahren Sie mehr!

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NETZSCH Answers Your Questions LIVE from the Lab

NETZSCH Thermal Analysis Live Shows NIB

NETZSCH North America Commercial Testing Laboratory has set up a series of live demos based on questions we frequently hear in the field, at conferences and exhibitions about how our instruments work and the best measurements can be made. These demos are the short and sweet! Read more about the series and register for the first episode on 30 June 2020!

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Assessing Fire Hazard of Cladding Materials in Existing Buildings

Fire cladding materials testing

The University of Queensland, in collaboration with the Non-Conforming Building Products (NCBP) Audit Taskforce in Queensland, Australia, have proposed a framework to provide a robust methodology to assess the fire hazard of cladding materials in existing buildings based on a thorough understanding of the relevant fire phenomena. Thermogravimetric Analysis enhances the robustness of the framework. Read here how the method is applied to evaluate the risk of external fire spread on buildings.

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Novel Technique for Preparing Samples for Biomaterial Investigations

Biological Tissue_NETZSCH_s

Alucent Biomedical Inc. is a biomedical company dedicated to developing its breakthrough Natural Vascular Scaffolding (NVS) technology for the treatment of vascular disease. Multiple sample preparation techniques were evaluated to investigate a method that could alleviate signal artifacts attributed to sample movement during heating. Learn how the sample is prepared to achieve accurate and reproducible thermograms for biological tissue.

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How to Measure the Expansion of Materials Due to Water Uptake


In the previous articles, focusing on thermal analysis under humidity, we have seen that thermogravimetric analysis and dynamic mechanical analysis help determine the influence of water on a material or substance. Thermomechanical analysis complements the analysis under humidity.

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