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A corporate blog is used by companies as a marketing and communication tool. Corporate blogging is therefore a tactic of companies to attract attention, to be found on search engines and to become more visible, to generate leads and to reach new users and to communicate with them. A corporate blog that is strategically set up and professionally recorded offers, so to speak, ‘feed’ for dialogue. Another important factor of dialogue is the willingness to publicly express opinions and sometimes to put forward theses that stimulate discussion. Corporate blogs are also very suitable for this. A blog is a fantastic channel for digitally mapping expert knowledge. Content is King – THE leading thermal analysis blog from NETZSCH As part of the International Sales Meeting 2019, we provided a retrospective as blogger of NETZSCH. And the result of about a year NETZSCH blog is fantastic. In the past fiscal year we have been able to inspire thousands of readers for our blog and can measure both the sessions and the most interesting contributions, as well as make the regional origin of our readers transparent – so we know exactly which topics in which part of the earth are the most interesting , The NETZSCH blog already provides our customers with relevant information on many applications. During the 2019 Sales Meeting, we took the opportunity to get our entire sales and application team to share their know-how there. We are pleased about the positive feedback – and above all, all NETZSCH customers can look forward to it. Because in the future there will be even more concentrated application know-how.   With our blog team, we are able to develop expert knowledge on the following topics: – Failure analysis and manufacturing qualification of polymer components – Process optimization of ceramic sintering and debinding processes – Manufacture and quality assurance of batteries for e-mobility – Peaceful disarmament for power generation from nuclear weapons. – Development and quality assurance of products in the pharmaceutical industry (polymorphism, tabletability, …) – Development and testing of tires – Process Analytics and In-Process Control in the Production of Carbon Fiber Composites (CFRP) – Further development and quality assurance of thermoelectric materials – and much more …. Our motivation is to convey knowledge and information to you as our readers, but also, if possible, to provide “help for self-help”. I hope we succeed.
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