Why the Recycling Industry Benefits from the Use of Thermal Analysis

Plastics waste for reycling

Ever since plastics have become a popular material, manufactures have produced a total of 8.3 billion tons of virgin plastic. The production and usage of plastic has been a resounding success. However, it is alarming what is happening to the plastic that has served its time. The challenges posed by mechanical recycling can be overcome with thermal analysis.

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How to precisely identify the composition of a rubber compound

Carbon black is a virtually indispensable product for the polymer industry, whether in rubber mixtures as a strengthener, pigment for plastics, conductive agent or UV stabilizer, depending on the occurrence, particle size and structure. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate and confirm its level and precise dispersion in order to avoid  adverse effects on the final material costs and mechanical properties

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Meet NETZSCH at the World’s Largest Fair for Polymers and Rubber!

NETZSCH at K2019 - We adapt to your needs

NETZSCH thermoanalytical instruments support the processes from incoming goods inspection to optimization of the manufacturing process to quality assurance of the final product. Visit the NETZSCH booth D49 in hall 11 to talk to the thermal analysis experts and listen to our series of short talks.

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The Phenomenon Polymorphism – A Major Impact on Drug Performance

The term polymorphism comes from the Greek, “poly” meaning “multiple” and “morph” meaning “form”. Used in different areas as programming or biology, it designates the ability of a variable, of an object, of a gene to take on multiple forms. In the pharmaceutical industry, polymorphism refers to the ability of a material to exist in … Read moreThe Phenomenon Polymorphism – A Major Impact on Drug Performance

Compatibility of Drug and Excipient: Faster and Easier By Means of Thermal Analysis and SuperPosition

DSC in Pharma R&D

Compatibility refers to harmony in a relationship, but is also an important term in science, be it in medicine where only a compatible organ can be transplanted to a recipient, or in computing to refer to software packages that can be used together. This concept is also well-known in the pharmaceutical field: Two components (e.g., … Read moreCompatibility of Drug and Excipient: Faster and Easier By Means of Thermal Analysis and SuperPosition

IQ and OQ – What Does This Mean for Thermal Analysis Users?

4Q - Instrument qualification

– In particular for users of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) – Installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ) are part of the so-called analytical instrument qualification (AIQ) process at the user´s lab to confirm that an instrument is properly installed, works correctly and yields the expected results. A key term in … Read moreIQ and OQ – What Does This Mean for Thermal Analysis Users?

How Quality Control and Failure Analysis of PP Effectively Prevent Scrapping of Goods

by Jinyan Li, Liang Xu and Dr. Zhiqiang Zeng; NETZSCH Scientific Instruments Trading, China

Do you need a plastic part or a film with very specific properties – such as temperature stability coupled with dimensional stability accurate to a hundredth of a millimeter and UV resistance – otherwise it cannot be used for its intended purpose? But how can you check whether all requirements have been met and, in addition, how can failures be analyzed?
Only if such questions are under control is it possible to permanently reduce the number of rejects. NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing offers a range of thermoanalytical methods for this purpose.

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Blogging: Concentrated knowledge for our customers!

A corporate blog is used by companies as a marketing and communication tool. Corporate blogging is therefore a tactic of companies to attract attention, to be found on search engines and to become more visible, to generate leads and to reach new users and to communicate with them. A corporate blog that is strategically set … Read moreBlogging: Concentrated knowledge for our customers!