Optimizing Dehydration Processes of Pharmaceuticals with Kinetics Neo

When a crystalline substance – such as an active pharmaceutical ingredient or an excipient – comes into contact with water, various types of interactions are possible. For the design of a dehydration process, it is therefore important to know the thermal properties of the particular sample. Thermogravimetric analysis in combination with kinetic evaluation helps determine this data and significantly reduce the time to develop a suitable temperature program.

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DIN SPEC 91446: A Road to Sustainability in the Plastics Industry

Germany’s long-term goal is to become largely greenhouse gas neutral by 2050. In doing so, the German government is aligning itself with the Paris Agreement’s goal of achieving greenhouse gas neutrality worldwide in the second half of this century. Plastics recycling and materials research play a key role in this.

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NETZSCH Online Academy (NOA) – Web-Based Training Courses Provided by NETZSCH Experts

The new e-learning platform, NOA (NETZSCH Online Academy) offers you to advance your Knowledge in Thermal Analysis topics, without having to leave your desk. Take advantage of flexible online learning, fully adapted to your training needs.

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sensXPERT Was Presented the NETZSCH Proven Excellence Award

sensXPERT_Proven Excellence Award_NETZSCH

sensXPERT takes intelligent manufacturing of plastics and fiber-reinforced polymer composites to a new level and allows a 100% component qualification during production. The team behind sensXPERT was awarded the NETZSCH Proven Excellence award in the area of “Excellence in Innovation”. Read more!

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Creating Intelligent Molds with the New sensXPERT Solution


Polymer processing with thermosets is the key to high-performance parts regarding mechanical strength and durability. However, the material causes many challenges in production. sensXPERT delivers a unique solution for processors in the polymer and polymer based composite field while combining sensors, material science and machine learning. Read about the importance of the partnership with AIRBUS to provide this solution.

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From Big Data to Smart Data

NETZSCH Data Science Big Data

In the first article of our Big Data series, we have already given you a first insight into the term Big Data and pointed out which benefits can be generated by data processing for production and especially for thermal analysis. In this next article, we would like to introduce the term Data Science in more detail and show some of its common methods.

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Optimizing Reactive Injection Molding with In-line Sensors

NETZSCH and KISTLER, two family owned companies, offer the most advanced process package for reactive injection molding targeting zero waste production while at the same time a maximum in efficiency with an increased throughput is enabled.

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Update JEC 2019: Kistler and NETZSCH showcase their collaboration

Kistler, the global market leader in dynamic pressure, force, torque and acceleration measurement technology, will share a stand with the NETZSCH Group at JEC World 2019 from 12 to 14 March in Paris. Visitors to stand R20 in hall 6 can see how technologies from the two companies complement each other ideally in plastic composites processing. Both product portfolios will be showcased, and a simulation will show how the combination of information from mold filling and characteristic material values represents a major step towards intelligent part production.

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