Bringing New Possibilities in Developing Next Generation Batteries

NETZSCH Battery Quality Control Rheology

Many companies are in a race to patent critical next generation battery technologies and battery management systems. We are right there with you! Learn how we support you in enhancing process efficiency and quality control as well as in developing new battery materials!

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Rheology: The Reason for Beautiful Nails

NETZSCH Rheology Nail Polish

In the last few years, the nail polish industry has really opened up its beauty box of tricks and on the market today. Surely there must be some exciting science behind it all? Learn about curing and the influence of pigment – all measured with a Kinexus Rotational Rheometer!

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Our Free Booklet about Rotational Rheology: Indispensable for your Work!

NETZSCH Rheology Booklet

Paints, coatings and inks, polymers, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, bitumen and petrochemical – the list goes on! These and many other materials have unique properties that are researched and quality-controlled using rheological test methods. Our new free-of-charge booklet is helpful to understand how the flow pro­perties of materials can be related to their rheological analysis!

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Perfecting Delicious… Optimizing the Rheology of Chocolate

NETZSCH Chocolate Rheology

Chocolate is one of the world’s favorite snack foods. The texture, or mouthfeel, of chocolate is critical for the consumer perception of product quality. It is possible to finely control the textural aspects of the signature flavor of chocolates. The mouthfeel can be characterized through the determination of flow ‒ by rheology. Learn how to do this in our article!

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Another Step Forward in our Cooperation with Malvern Panalytical


If the extraordinary events of 2020 have taught us anything, it is that collaboration and teamwork are the best foundation for success. That is why we, NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing, and the NETZSCH Group, are pleased to be stepping up our cooperation with Malvern Panalytical. Learn more and join our first free webinar event on battery materials!

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One Year of Kinexus and Rosand Rheometers at NETZSCH: A Personal Note

Kinexus Rosand NETZSCH - 1 year

One year ago, NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing announced the extension of its product portfolio with the Kinexus rotational rheometers and Rosand capillary rheometers. Our Rheology Application Specialists look back on the highlights and hint at the important topics coming up in 2021.

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How to Operate the Rosand RH2000 Capillary Rheometer

How To _Rosand RH2000_Remmler_NETZSCH

The Rosand RH2000 Capillary Rheometer is an instrument that analyzes the flow properties of any type of material under processing conditions, like high forces and high speeds. Our rheology specialist, Torsten Remmler, shows how to prepare the instrument for an experiment and gives important tips when operating it.

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Working Principle of Capillary Rheometers

NETZSCH_Rosand_Capillar Rheometer

Traditionally, capillary rheometers have been used to measure the shear viscosity and elasticity of viscous materials at high shear rates. In this article and video, Natalie Rudolph (PhD) explains the working principle, parameters and their relations of the capillary rheometer.

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