NETZSCH Online Academy (NOA) – Web-Based Training Courses Provided by NETZSCH Experts

The new e-learning platform, NOA (NETZSCH Online Academy) offers you to advance your Knowledge in Thermal Analysis topics, without having to leave your desk. Take advantage of flexible online learning, fully adapted to your training needs.

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Solving Polymer Processing Problems Using a Kinexus Rotational Rheometer

NETZSCH_Rheology_Polymer Processing

Thermoplastic polymer melts are widely used in many modern industrial processes to manufacture a multitude of objects. Learn which properties measured with a Kinexus rotational rheometer help solve real-life polymer processing problems.

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Analyzing Thermoplastics with a Kinexus Rotational Rheometer


One of the principle reasons that polymers are used so widely is because they are relatively cheap to form into complex shapes in the molten state which is a huge change in rheology from a solid starting material through to a solid end product. Learn how to determine flow curves, carry out creep tests and measure viscous and elastic properties.

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Kinetic analysis of shear viscosity to predict the curing behavior of an epoxy adhesive

The NETZSCH Kinetics Neo software can not only be used for the analysis of temperature-dependent processes using thermal analysis data. It is now also possible to simulate rheological properties during curing based on the measured data from our Kinexus rotational rheometer. Learn more about the kinetic analysis of the curing behavior of a 2-Part epoxy adhesive.

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Bringing New Possibilities in Developing Next Generation Batteries

NETZSCH Battery Quality Control Rheology

Many companies are in a race to patent critical next generation battery technologies and battery management systems. We are right there with you! Learn how we support you in enhancing process efficiency and quality control as well as in developing new battery materials!

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Rheology: The Reason for Beautiful Nails

NETZSCH Rheology Nail Polish

In the last few years, the nail polish industry has really opened up its beauty box of tricks and on the market today. Surely there must be some exciting science behind it all? Learn about curing and the influence of pigment – all measured with a Kinexus Rotational Rheometer!

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Our Free Booklet about Rotational Rheology: Indispensable for your Work!

NETZSCH Rheology Booklet

Paints, coatings and inks, polymers, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, bitumen and petrochemical – the list goes on! These and many other materials have unique properties that are researched and quality-controlled using rheological test methods. Our new free-of-charge booklet is helpful to understand how the flow pro­perties of materials can be related to their rheological analysis!

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