Cooperation with infraTest in the Asphalt and Bitumen Industry

After extending our product portfolio with rheometers, we are proud to announce the cooperation with infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH in the asphalt and bitumen industry! Read more about the importance of rheology in the industry, the cooperation and our first joint event.

After extending our product portfolio with rheometers, we are proud to announce the cooperation with infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH in the asphalt and bitumen industry!   The NETZSCH product managers for rheology will continue to support the infraTest sales team. Furthermore, infraTest will visit customers on site to present the DSR and conduct intensive user training. In the next step, which has already begun, the infraTest service team will be intensively trained to get started as soon as possible. A test method has to evolve. The proximity of infraTest, NETZSCH and its customers is a leap forward. I am sure that we will be able to solve very exciting tasks in the future. Already today, we are building on a pool of ideas and I am looking forward to suggestions and discussions.”  Torsten Remmler, Product Manager Rheology

Rheology in the asphalt and bitumen industry

NETZSCH_Asphalt_Bitumen_DSR Rheometry is an important analytical technique for the asphalt and bitumen industry as there are many standards requiring what is known by this industry as a DSR (Dynamic Shear Rheometer). According to the state, country or type of road, the bitumen binder may need to have different performance criteria. If the binder is to be used in a hot country, the modulus (stiffness) of the material must not be too low as we may see the road start to melt and display rutting! The opposite applies for cold countries where we may see cracking in the road if the modulus is too high. A rheometer can simulate these conditions and perform a wide variety of tests for this industry to determine whether binders are suitable or not with simple pass / fail criteria. It is also useful for new and innovative research for the R&D areas of the asphalt market. Depending on the country and its regulations, it may be compulsory to perform this testing and therefore, a DSR is an essential tool for an asphalt or bitumen binder testing laboratory. 

Kick-off in Berchtesgaden 

The cooperation was kicked off with a joint booth at a conference for the asphalt and bitumen industry in Berchtesgaden, GermanyBoth NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing and infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH presented their product portfolio for asphalt and bitumen testing. NETZSCH_Infratest_Cooperation “I am excited that with infraTest, we have been able to gain such an experienced partner that is at home in the asphalt industry. At the Asphalt Days in Berchtesgaden, it became clear that there is not only a business benefit for both NETZSCH and infraTest, but that the personal touch is also right. I look forward to achieving great things with the entire infraTest team and to further expanding the cooperation!”  – Dr. Alexander Chaloupka, Business Field Manager Process Analytics  Watch our video to get a quick overview of the NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing product portfolio in the asphalt and bitumen industry 
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