Creating Customer Value: An Often-Forgotten Part of Digitization.

Creating Customer Value: An Often-Forgotten Part of Digitization.

Of course: Optimized processes serve to help guarantee for the effective survival of a company – but isn’t there a more important factor for success than your own process reliability? Isn’t the internal optimization of a company simply a matter of course anyway? I mean, are companies that do NOT take care of their processes even still able to survive today?
I think our customers have a right to expect that WE as a company have done our homework. Actually, shouldn’t any modern company’s focus on innovation address this from the outset?

“What added value can I offer my customers from digitization?”

If you think about this EVERY DAY, you’ll be surprised that suddenly you see your business from a totally different perspective!

Lost in imaginary customer values

I always start to laugh a little bit when salespeople present their “unmatched quality” and “best price guarantee” arguments. The thing is, they didn’t do their homework. They are not able to fill in the blanks on my favorite check for a competitive advantage:

If you buy OUR solution instead of the OTHER solution, you will BENEFIT in [THIS SPECIFIC WAY] because of [THIS SPECIFIC REASON]!

Of course, one can argue as follows:

“Well, of course, leaner processes hold the potential for better delivery times!”
“Transparent processes increase product quality!”
“Lean cost structures allow for better end prices for the customer!”

And so on, and so on…..! For me, it goes without saying that:

  1.  My customer should be guaranteed the best delivery times.
  2.  We should deliver the best possible product quality to the customer.
  3.  The price should be based on what my service or my product is worth to the customer.

So what many companies are attempting to sell as a “special competitive advantage” is what I see only natural. Of course, it generates “satisfied” customers. But only “satisfied”; nothing more.

My personal goal is to generate enthusiastic customers.

And anyway, I prefer to call customers “partners”. Partners who help us to make our products even better and create REAL added value. And this is what I live for (in our business :-))!

That’s why “digital transformation” means so much more to me today.
I have to answer the question…

How can “digitization” help to improve my partner’s products and/or services?

Or better said: How can my target group achieve its goal through intelligent processes and how can we incorporate these solutions into our products for our partners?

I’ll give you an example: The sintering of ceramics is sometimes a challenge. If a ceramic part leaves the kiln and it has deformations or cracks, it is impossible to know at which point in the process the damage occurred. On the other hand, if a part is in good condition after firing, you won’t know whether you can run the process faster and still achieve the same level of quality. On CERAMITEC 2018, we introduced a new software tool that is able to generate some real benefits using our measurement data. It gives you a digital, predictive view into your sintering process. If you want to know more about it, read this article. For all those, who are short on time, we offer this brief video.

My motto is: “Your product quality is my passion!”

It is important to me to understand in detail every problem, every process step and every challenge faced by our partners. This also includes knowledge of normative and legal regulations. Because only once I have fully understood your process can I provide products that help to shape your product optimally.

Since our products and services are ALWAYS about material parameters that are measured by our instruments as a function of temperature,  our primary product is actually “data”. However, a curve, a table with numbers or a colorful graph cannot be the only result that you draw from our products. Our challenge for the future will be to let the data speak for you and your process – to determine your product quality from the data and make the information available to you in the most efficient way possible.

To make a long story short: We at NETZSCH have taken on the digital transformation challenge with a fresh new mindset and are TURNING SCIENCE INTO VALUE!

Stay tuned on this blog; we have a lot of ideas for creating value on a whole new level!

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