Digitization redefines QA & Testing of insulating materials!

Digitization is the biggest change in the way we do business today. Enterprises that successfully adjust to this change can improve productivity

“Your product quality is my passion!”
This is the core idea of my work here at NETZSCH. Every day I work on solutions for our customers that increase their efficiency in their daily recurring work e.g. in the field of quality control on insulating materials. Digitization (or digitalization) is the key to improve productivity and efficiency. All changes that our society has to cope with in the context of digitization are summarized under the term “digital transformation”.
Leila Modarres, CMO at Infostretch
Leila Modarres, CMO at Infostretch
I’ve read a very open minded article from  Leila Modarres, CMO at Infostretch. Infostretch helps enterprises get digital right, the first time. What seems a little strange: Leila writes about quality assurance in the development environment of software. This makes it all the more interesting that all this can be applied to the analyzing and testing of materials in the same way.   This is, what Leila Modarres wrote about digital transformation in Test & QA – give us your opinion about this topic in our survey below!
How Digital Transformation is Redefining Test and QA
Data that my customers gain for example in the field of QA of insulating materials are:
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Thermal resistance (R-Value)
  • Density
  • Weight and Dimensions
  • Water absorption behavior
  • Behavior in case of fire
  • Compressive strength
  • Bending strength
  • and many more
The most important value for CE-Declaration in Europe, for example, is the so-called “Lambda 90/90” Value. This is a statistical thermal conductivity value determined from hundreds of single measurement. An often used tool is Excel to perform multiple calculations and statistics – as well as for further documentation. But is using Excel or other isolated applications “state of the art” in our generation? We would like to know your opinion in our poll below! I think, that this is no longer state of the art. I think that big global acting companies should have a high interest in a global QA-Strategy. Data from different plants all over the world will be collected into one central database. Information about the equipment used in QA is managed in one central spot which gives the QA-Managers an overall overview on:
  • next date of maintenance
  • next calibration
  • last customer service visit
  • overall run-time
  • globally available equipment for outsourcing
  • comparability of results
  • and all the measurement data
    • for comparability of equipment
    • comparability of raw-materials
    • comparability of production plants
Ones who create standardized protocols for cloud-solutions and use this gate into high-class ERP-Systems will be the winners of the future. Turning data into knowledge will be the key to our efficient future. Leave us your comments – what else can you imagine in terms of data intelligence?  
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