NETZSCH EPLEXOR ® 500 N Jubilee 5

We are celebrating the 5th anniversary of our Eplexor ® 500 N series with you!

2 Sample holders included

e.g. for tension, compression, double shear, bending, depending on the application

1 Force sensor included


Extended strain range

+/-6mm included

Liquid nitrogen cooling included


Eplexor 9 Software included


Jubilee Offer: 177,000 €

Excl. shipping, installation, training and taxes. Promotion period February 25th – December 31th, 2021

Together with the EPLEXOR ® 500 N Jubilee 5 the following upgrades are available at special prices:

Further force sensors and further sample holders are freely selectable at a 25% discount for each component.

Advanced software packages (e.g. for master curve, hysteresis, fatigue, etc.) can be selected at a 25% discount.

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