How mechanical properties of polymers change with temperature

Professor Dr Tim. A. Osswald and Dr Tobias Pflock talk about the effect temperature has on the polymer’s properties. The room temperature modulus is often the only value given to describe the mechanical property of a polymer material. But temperature dependence of mechanical performance of polymer material significantly differs to that of other materials such as metals or ceramics and is vital information for many everyday applications of polymers.

In the following webinar you will find out:
  • how mechanical properties of polymers change with temperature and why the underlying effects are most significant for polymer application
  • the basic principles of dynamic mechanical analysis and how it is used to explore the thermal dependence of modulus and damping
  • how to take an advanced view on dynamic mechanical properties and how they are equally related to both temperature and frequency and what knowledge can be drawn from that
  • how nonlinear deformations influence the mechanical behaviour of a polymer material.
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