Material Science in Additive Manufacturing: Evaluation of Refreshing Strategy of PBF Powder using DSC

Today, Dr. Natalie Rudolph will talk about the refreshing strategy for Powder Bed Fusion powders using Differential Scanning Calorimetry. In this episode, not the part properties, but the properties of the powder will be investigated.

In our previous episodes, we talked about the properties of powder and how interaction with the process conditions can affect the part properties. Now we are going to talk about the properties of the powder using a heat flux DSC.

This week’s topic:

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) is a technique in which the difference in energy inputs into a substance and a reference material is measured as a function of temperature while the substance and the reference material are subjected to a controlled-temperature program. Learn about:

  • Degradation processes of unused powder
  • Why the chain ends of PA12 are not blocked to avoid post condensation and aging
  • How to use DSC to determine degradation of unused PA12 powder in Polymer Powder Bed Fusion

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What´s coming next? In our next episode, we will talk about Melt Rheology in PBF using Rotational Rheometry.

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