Our Special Offers Bundled for Your Application

We understand your challenges and adapt to your needs with our special offer.
Available until 31 December 2020.

In these uncertain times, it is only reasonable to be hesitant about new investments. However, in order to emerge strongly from the current situation, it is important to continue vital research in material science and continue producing high-quality products for your customers.

*The offer is only valid in the European Union and the UK.

We put together three bundles that include a range of accessories and software solutions. Have a look!

TG 209 F3 Tarsus®

RT to 1000°C, incl. Temperature-Modulated TGA, 25 Al2O3 Crucibles, Spare TGA Sample Carrier, Reference Material

Save up to

17,000 €

STA 449 F5 Jupiter®

RT to 1600°C, incl. Large TGA Crucible (3.4 ml), 25 Al2O3 DSC Sample Pans, TGA-DSC sensor, Kinetics Neo Software, Calibration Kit

Save up to

23,000 €

LFA 467 HyperFlash + DSC 214 Polyma®

RT to 500°C, incl. ZoomOptics, Sample holders for 25 mm, 12.7 mm, 6 mm , Reference Materials made of Graphite,
PLUS DSC 214 Polyma with IC40 Intracooler for temperature Range: -40°C to 600°C, incl. Kinetics Neo Software, Cp Determination incl. sapphire disk, AutoEvaluation, Identify, sealing press, Sample Preparation Set

Save up to

45,000 €