Netzsch Instruments sponsors SPE’s FAPSIG at ANTEC 2019

Netzsch Instruments sponsors SPE’s FAPSIG at ANTEC 2019

Hosted by the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE), ANTEC 2019 in Detroit, MI, is certainly the leading conference for applications of polymer materials across North America.

With its brand new format, ANTEC covers both top-level material science and research as well as all leading challenges of polymer processing in today’s world ranging from Sustainability and Recycling to Additive Manufacturing and Industrial Digitalization. If you are dealing with polymers anywhere along the manufacturing workflow, there is most certainly something in for you as well.

NETZSCH Instruments North America will be present in the exhibition section at booth 223. We have two instruments on display:

DSC 214 Polyma – tailored for polymer characterization

The DSC 214 Polyma is the workhorse for polymer characterization along the polymer manufacturing chain. The optimized software makes it very easy to gather important material parameters such as glass transition or melting temperatures as well as processing parameters such as crystallization or the curing state.

PERSEUS TG 209 F1 Libra – reveals detailed material composition

The TG209 F1 Libra is combined with a Bruker Alpha FTIR to form the powerful PERSEUS TG 209 F1 Libra coupling. This combination represents the most efficient way to get quantitative information about the composition of your polymer compound as well as spectroscopic material insights that can tell you a lot more than you will find on your supplier’s material datasheet.

NETZSCH supports SPE Failure Analysis chapter FAPSIG

For the first time, Netzsch is proud to sponsor the session of the SPE Failure Analysis and Prevention Special Interest Group (FAPSIG) and the “Dr. Meyer Ezrin Best Paper Award” presented by FAPSIG. Due to the complex properties of polymer materials, their processing is still a challenging task and the materials used are still prone to failure. Failure analysis and prevention is therefore one of the most prominent applications of thermal analysis. This makes the respective education and support of student projects and publications a joint interest for both NETZSCH and FAPSIG.

The FAPSIG session at ANTEC will take place in room JOLIET from 9:00 to 12:00 am. We will be happy if you join us there!

Receive your free hard copy of the NETZSCH Handbook DSC on Polymers

As with previous conferences, we will have a few hard copies of the NETZSCH Handbook: DSC of Polymers in stock at our booth. This book contains 64 of the most important polymer types. We have compiled measuring plots, measurement parameters, interpretation of the results and general material properties. Also you will find important chemical structures, processing possibilities and application ranges.

If you are interested stop by and use the coupon code: NETZSCH_ANTEC2019.



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