Thermal analysis by NETZSCH – efficient and easy to use…
…when characterizing pharmaceuticals with the new Nevio series

The new Nevio series, currently comprising DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) and TGA (Thermogravimetric analyzer), is specifically designed to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical branch. The instruments offer a lot of intelligent solutions making everyday laboratory work easier than ever before by giving the user the ability to automate activities.

Software Conform to 21 CFR Part 11

The instrument software with the Proteus® Protect add-on provides a comprehensive user management including assignment of permissions, access control (password management), audit trail as well as a signature module.

Substance Identification with Just One Click – Identify

The effect-based comparison of a current DSC or TGA curve with database entries allows for substance identification – even without prior knowledge of the sample´s properties.

The basic version of the NETZSCH software (as of generation 8) already contains a database with more than 160 entries from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food sector. The user can quickly and easily create new libraries and expand them with his own knowledge and experience. Furthermore, it is possible to use the SuperPosition simulation function to generate superimposed curves from existing measurements of the individual components (in any mass ratio) and to use these superimposed curves also for database comparison.

Automatic Sample Changer for 24/7 Operation

The optional automatic sample changer(s) can handle samples – either belonging to a measurement series or independent from each other – continuously without interruption of the autosampler run when the sample trays are refilled again and again during operation.

Self-acting without Operator Intervention

The measurements are based on methods. These methods can contain specifications for the measurement conditions and also for the evaluation of the resulting curves. If AutoEvaluation is involved, this yields self-acting evaluation of the DSC or TGA profile, even if there is a different curve form each time. The algorithms behind AutoEvaluation are capable of detecting and assigning thermal effects.

Experienced users can employ the automatic evaluation results as a second opinion.

Quality Control Made Easy

No need of laborious comparison of individual results with earlier measurements or literature data.

In Identify, a target value of similarity can be included. If the selected similarity level is not reached, the message “QC: Fail” is automatically displayed. If the quality criterion is met, the message “QC: Pass” is output.