Digitazation in QA & Testing

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Do you use Excel or other isolated applications for statistics, calculation or further documentation?

How do you think, digitization will affect QA & Testing of materials in the future?

Can you imagine uploading your data from QA into cloud-based online-applications to gain data intelligence from?

Would you use "cloud-solutions" if they run on your own company-server as "Enterprise-Solution" even if it is more costly?

Modern software solutions are more and more running as browser-based "on-demand" solutions. Systems like ERP or CRM-Systems (www.xentral.biz) or project management tools (www.trello.com) are often available for free.
Can you imagine to use this kind of software architecture in your daily business?

Globally acting companies follow different regional standards for the production of their products. Under certain regulations, e.g. it is mandatory in Europe, a production plant undergoes external audits by third parties. During such audits, the stability of the production quality and the corresponding documentation are checked.
Can you imagine to grant external authorities access to your cloud-based documentation in terms of external audits?

What data-intelligence would you like to gain most from cloud-solutions?

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