Report from IEX 2018: Growing Trend in Saving Energy

Report from IEX 2018: Growing Trend in Saving Energy

Köln – Saving Energy – this applies in the course of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change at international level. Awareness of the reduction of CO2 emissions is growing. Most countries have set themselves ambitious goals.

In other words: a good sign for a positive development of the insulation market. Saving energy is a growing trend in industry.

Great market potential still lies in the field of industrial insulation. Our industrial companies still produce too much waste heat. However, performance checks of technical isolations (TIPCHECK) proved that more than 550,000 MWh / year and around 450,000 tonnes of CO2 can be injected. This corresponds to the emissions of around 44,000 households per year. THIS MEANS “SAVING ENERGY”!!

The Gesamtverband Kunstoffverarbeitende Industrie (GKV) also reports a positive trend in the construction industry in the field of plastics processing – especially with regard to polymer-based insulation materials. In 2017, German processors supplied 5.2 million tonnes of plastics to the construction industry. In the plastics industry, the construction segment’s growth is 5.2% higher than in the previous year.

All in all, this means for NETZSCH as a device manufacturer: Our approach – to make insulation-producing companies more efficient in the quality assurance of their products and to help developers bringing even better insulation materials  to market is more important than ever.

The new series of heat-flow-meters for measuring the thermal conductivity and efficient determination of the CE-relevant statistical value Lambda 90/90 covers a wide range of materials, material thicknesses and sample dimensions. Especially for the mineral wool industry, the youngest child of the HFM 446 Lambda series plays an important role. With a standard dimension of 600 x 600 mm, the device – presented at IEX 2018 – can measure product thicknesses of up to 200mm.

HFM Family: Instruments for Quality Control help Saving Energy
HFM Family: Instruments for Quality Control help Saving Energy

Especially with regard to our absolute thermal conductivity method by means of the guarded hot plate apparatus, we are seeing a positive demand trend. With a very wide temperature range of -150 ° C to 600 ° C and the important ability to measure under absolutely dry conditions and also under vacuum, this method plays an increasingly important role in high-tech materials in adverse environments. Not least for the absolute determination of the performance characteristics and the product type in the context of the CE assessment.

CE-compliant products – a good keyword! We see an increasing number of manufacturers of insulation from China who want to gain a foothold here with exports to Europe. The measures for the conformal evaluation of the production, however, often leave something to be desired. The European manufacturers, who produce products based on DIN EN 13162 to DIN EN 13172, commit themselves to the daily factory quality control. To establish appropriate quality assurance procedures with regard to the statistical thermal conductivity is a special challenge here.

We take a very positive trend in industry development from IEX 2018 and look forward to further successful projects with our worldwide partners and customers.

Further Information about IEX and svaing energy you’ll find in the FINAL REPORT 2018

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