We Simulate your Sintering Process!

Save up to 60% time in your sintering process with

thermo-kinetic modeling of your sintering process

  1. Thermo-Analytical investigation of debinding & sinter shrinkage
  2. Thermo-Kinetic modeling of your process
  3. Optimization of your firing-program
  4. Delivery of a full digital kinetic model / suggestion for a firing-program
  5. Free of charge KINETICS NEO VIEWER for your own simulations

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How does it work and what is my benefit?

An optimal sintering process combines an optimal result with the shortest possible process time. Instead of expensive and time-consuming test firings to try out the optimal firing program, we only need a few thermoanalytical measurements as a database for our Kinetics Neo software.

This enables us to simulate any firing program in the software and saves you expensive and time-consuming test series.

In our workshop you will get to know our laboratories in Selb, but a web conference is also possible. There we will discuss details about your material, your previous firing programs and your goals. Based on initial measurements, we jointly evaluate whether the implementation of the optimization project is promising. 

If there is potential for optimization, you will receive our sinter process optimization proposal. You also receive the measurement curves and data of the dilatometry and thermogravimetry analyses, a complete data set with your simulation model and the free Kinetics Neo Viewer. With this you can open your sinter model and simulate adjustments to your firing program yourself.


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