Sub-ambient DMA Measurements down to -70°C without Using LN2

Many investigations in the field of polymers with lower stiffness require a measurement start below room temperature. As an alternative to existing solutions with Vortex tube and liquid nitrogen cooling, NETZSCH now offers the new compact AIC 80 intracooler for DMA measurements that works with chilled air. It reliably cools samples to -70°C without the use of liquid nitrogen.

Space saving

The compact, space-saving design of the cooling unit with its 3 m long tube makes it possible to store the cooler in a space-saving manner, e.g., under the table or on the side. You are flexible in the placement of the Air intracooler wherever it suits you.

Environmental friendly

The new AIC 80 was developed according to an environmentally friendly concept with a low air flow rate of 50 sl/min (standard liters per minute). It also uses a non-chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant gas which is safe for our global environment. It can be operated at ambient temperatures between 5°C and 35°C. Works in combination with the Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA 242 Artemis), an indispensable tool for determining the viscoelastic properties of mainly polymer materials.
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