TGA-FT-IR – Ihre Lösung zur Identifizierung einer Kunststoffmischung und ihrer Zusammensetzung

Polymermischungen bieten während ihrer Lebensdauer erhebliche Vorteile. Sie erschweren jedoch das Recycling am Ende ihres Lebenszyklus. Eines der grundlegendsten Probleme ist die Identifizierung des Materials als Blend sowie seine Zusammensetzung, um sicherzustellen, dass es richtig sortiert wird und wenn möglich wiederverwendet werden kann. Lesen Sie, wie TGA und FT-IR bei der Identifizierung helfen können!

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Thermal Stability of Lithium Ion Battery Electrolyte


One of the components found in a lithium ion battery that is typically responsible for mishaps is the electrolyte. In the following article, several experiments were conducted via TGA, DSC and evolved gas analysis to investigate composition, thermal stability and identify the released products.

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TGA-FT-IR – Your Solution to Identify a Polymer Blend and its Composition

Polymer blends offer significant advantages during their service life. However, they make recycling at the end of life difficult. One of the most fundamental problems is the identification of the material as a blend as well as its composition to ensure it is sorted properly and can be reused if possible. Read how to TGA and FT-IR help with the identification and join our webinar series on TG-FT-IR!

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Recycling Carpets Turns into a Raw Material Opportunity

Billions of pounds of carpets are generated annually worldwide. A large percentage of which ends up in landfills is problematic because nylon is non-biodegradable.

Limitations in landfill capacity and the environmental impact of disposing of carpet waste in this manner have made recovering nylon from carpet waste an increasingly important enterprise.

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