Material Science in Additive Manufacturing: Melt Rheology in PBF Using Rotational Rheometry

In Powder bed fusion there is no flow and no shear rate. For powder coalescence, the local molecular motions and entanglements across the layers are important. So today, Dr. Natalie Rudolph will be focusing on the rotational rheometry.

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Our Free Booklet about Rotational Rheology: Indispensable for your Work!

NETZSCH Rheology Booklet

Paints, coatings and inks, polymers, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, bitumen and petrochemical – the list goes on! These and many other materials have unique properties that are researched and quality-controlled using rheological test methods. Our new free-of-charge booklet is helpful to understand how the flow pro­perties of materials can be related to their rheological analysis!

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