Winter and Summer Tires or Rather All-Season Tires?

Twice a year it’s time to change tires. But is it really necessary to replace summer tires with winter tires every six months? Isn’t it better to do without the two and use all-season tires instead? We will answer that question for you.

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Advanced Autosampling System for the DMA GABO EPLEXOR®


The DMA GABO EPLEXOR® series enables the dynamic mechanical (or static) characterization of a wide range of different materials. By adding one of the two available autosampling systems (ASC – Automatic Sample Changer or MPAS – Multi-Purpose Automatic Sample Changer), any DMA GABO EPLEXOR® can be converted to a fully automatic testing system. Read more!

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Tire Technology Expo 2020: Efficiency, Optimizing Processes and Eco-Design

NETZSCH_Tire Tech_Rubber

As a leading international platform, Tire Technology Expo 2020 featured the latest product launches and innovations from national and international exhibitors and a number of interesting presentations. Quality assurance and environmental compatibility of raw materials, intermediates and end products remain essential in all phases of this process to reach the next milestone for sustainable growth. 

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DMA GABO DiPLEXOR®: Mapping the Mechanical State of Rubber with its Conductivity


In the rubber and tire industries, it is common knowledge that rubber is a living material. During mechanical loading, rubber changes its mechanical behavior due to inner structural changes on the molecular scale. It is therefore important to have information about the structure of rubber, the molecular mobility, the size of carbon black clusters within the rubber during dynamic-mechanical treatment.

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Eight Days of Reflecting and Re-Thinking in the Plastics and Rubber Industry


Plastics continue to be an innovative, indispensable and future-oriented material. 225,000 visitors from 165 countries informed themselves about recycling systems, sustainable raw materials and resource-saving processes at K show 2019 in Düsseldorf. Sustainability, industry 4.0 and automation solutions are the leading topics of the exhibitors.

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