Advanced Autosampling System for the DMA GABO EPLEXOR®


The DMA GABO EPLEXOR® series enables the dynamic mechanical (or static) characterization of a wide range of different materials. By adding one of the two available autosampling systems (ASC – Automatic Sample Changer or MPAS – Multi-Purpose Automatic Sample Changer), any DMA GABO EPLEXOR® can be converted to a fully automatic testing system. Read more!

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Assessing Fire Hazard of Cladding Materials in Existing Buildings

Fire cladding materials testing

The University of Queensland, in collaboration with the Non-Conforming Building Products (NCBP) Audit Taskforce in Queensland, Australia, have proposed a framework to provide a robust methodology to assess the fire hazard of cladding materials in existing buildings based on a thorough understanding of the relevant fire phenomena. Thermogravimetric Analysis enhances the robustness of the framework. Read here how the method is applied to evaluate the risk of external fire spread on buildings.

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Novel Technique for Preparing Samples for Biomaterial Investigations

Biological Tissue_NETZSCH_s

Alucent Biomedical Inc. is a biomedical company dedicated to developing its breakthrough Natural Vascular Scaffolding (NVS) technology for the treatment of vascular disease. Multiple sample preparation techniques were evaluated to investigate a method that could alleviate signal artifacts attributed to sample movement during heating. Learn how the sample is prepared to achieve accurate and reproducible thermograms for biological tissue.

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