Backpapier und Silikonbackmatte – Kann man sie bedenkenlos verwenden?

Die festliche Jahreszeit ist für viele die Zeit des Plätzchen- und Keksebackens. Doch dann steht man vor der Entscheidung: Backpapier oder Silikonbackmatte nutzen? Heute beantworten wir die Frage, ob die beiden Optionen sicher zu verwenden sind.

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Parchment Paper and Silicone Baking Mat – Are They Safe to Use?

This festive season of the year is for many the season for baking cookies and biscuits. But then, we have to decide: parchment paper or silicone baking mat? Today, we are answering the question if the two options are safe to use.

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Recycling Carpets Turns into a Raw Material Opportunity

Billions of pounds of carpets are generated annually worldwide. A large percentage of which ends up in landfills is problematic because nylon is non-biodegradable.

Limitations in landfill capacity and the environmental impact of disposing of carpet waste in this manner have made recovering nylon from carpet waste an increasingly important enterprise.

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