“I Drink My Coffee Decaffeinated” – Are You Sure?

Coffee remains the Germans’ favorite beverage, yet many coffee drinkers prefer the decaffeinated alternative. But decaffeinated coffee always contains a certain residual amount of caffeine. How can this content level be verified?

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„Ich trinke meinen Kaffee entkoffeiniert“ – Sind Sie sicher?

Kaffee bleibt das Lieblingsgetränk der Deutschen. Dabei greifen viele Kaffeetrinker gern zur entkoffeinierten Variante. Doch auch koffeinfreier Kaffee enthält immer eine gewisse Restmenge an Koffein. Aber wie kann dies überprüft werden?

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Recycling Carpets Turns into a Raw Material Opportunity

Billions of pounds of carpets are generated annually worldwide. A large percentage of which ends up in landfills is problematic because nylon is non-biodegradable.

Limitations in landfill capacity and the environmental impact of disposing of carpet waste in this manner have made recovering nylon from carpet waste an increasingly important enterprise.

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