The fastest way to design my sintering process!

The fastest way to design my sintering process!

For all the people, who missed our Webinar “Speed up your Sintering Process” on November 2018 – here we provide the webcast.

Sintering is a challenge. If a part leaves the kiln with cracks and deformations, most process engineers will lower the heatings rates and make isothermals longer. This ends up in very long debinding and sintering processes. If parts leave the furnace in a good quality, no one will touch the process anymore. No one would try if you get the same result in 50% of the time.

The software KINETICS NEO and the data from thermal analysis support you with a virtual view in into your process inside the kiln. It helps you to design your process to the best by:

  • reducing R&D time
  • reducing energy consumption
  • reducing the numbers of test-fires
  • reducing scrap
  • speeding-up your time to market

Have fun with our Webinar:

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