The New HFM 446 Lambda Eco-Line – Thermal Conductivity Measurements Now Up to 40% Faster

The new HFM 446 Lambda for measurement of materials with low thermal conductivity delivers up to 40% faster measurement results and saves valuable resources in Eco-Mode.

Compliance with standards is made easy and high sample throughput with reliable results at consistently high measurement accuracy can be achieved – a real added value for insulation material manufacturers and everyone measuring low thermal conductivity or specific heat capacity.

What’s new?

  • Up to 40% faster measurement results
  • New Eco-Mode for reduced energy consumption
  • Easy and fast set up saving installation time, instrument comes pre-calibrated
  • Precise measurements on easily compressible samples using the drive-to-thickness feature
  • Possibility to combine single heat flux calibrations using HFT (Heat Flux Transducer) MultiCalibration for increased accuracy
  • Compliance to standards made easy with Stability Configuration Management
  • New User Interface for improved instrument handling and smoother workflows
  • Compact stand-alone unit, no PC needed

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